Geotechnical, Geoenvironmental and Environmental Data Management Software

pLog Tablet logging borehole data
pLog Tablet – Borehole and Well Logging Application

Use pLog to record field data for geotechnical and geoenvironmental site investigation projects. pLog helps you streamline borehole or environmental site investigation data collection and reporting.

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pLog Enterprise on ArcMap
pLog Enterprise – Geotechnical Data Management Software

pLog Enterprise enables any organization to use its geotechnical data as an easily accessible asset. Archive your data into a single enterprise database and retrieve your geotechnical data using an ArcGIS interface or using the query tools to search for specific criteria.

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ESdat: designed to manage data for environmental monitoring projects
ESdat – Water, Gas, Soil and Rock Chemistry Monitoring Data Management Software

ESdat is an environmental data management software designed to meet the many needs of the environmental professional. ESdat enables personnel to import field and laboratory data for environmental projects, perform extensive analyses and report data in several formats easily and efficiently.

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RAPID CPT – CPT Data Analyzer

RAPID CPT is a gINT add-in that makes analyzing your CPT geotechnical data simple. RAPID CPT encapsulates the entire CPT analysis procedure in to a single location – a gINT project. RAPID CPT allows you to import raw text files from nearly any CPT manufacturer, whether in English or metric units and performs over 35 standard CPT correlations.

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PQC for field density testing QA/QC
PQC – Field Density Testing Software

PQC – Field Density Testing module helps you manage your compaction quality control/field density testing QA/QC projects. PQC – Field Density Testing module supports density testing using nuclear gauge, balloon, sand cone and drive cylinder test methods.

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PQC for field concrete testing QA/QC
PQC – Concrete Field and Laboratory Testing Software

PQC – Concrete Testing module streamlines the entire construction quality control process by integrating your field and laboratory concrete testing processes. PQC – Concrete Testing module empowers you to efficiently and effectively manage your concrete testing including configuring projects, issuing work orders, collecting and reporting field data, and automatically manages compressive strength testing schedules.

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PQC for field concrete testing QA/QC
PQC – Daily Field Reports/Special Inspection Reports

PQC – Field Report module streamlines the process for generating daily field reports and other special inspection reports via a web-based data management system. This enables field and office personnel to simplify their communication and eliminate the need for clerical staff to re-type handwritten field reports.

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