Product Support

bigstock-Woman-holding-globe-on-her-han-40880071You do not need to make the transition from paper logs to tablet alone. We fully appreciate that it is a big step to change the way you collect and organize your data. We will help you. We offer you the following software and technical support services as part of the long-term relationship we wish to develop with you.

Benefits for purchasing our Annual Platinum Support available for all of our software products

When you purchase any of our software products, you automatically have our Annual Platinum Support for the first year. Our software support program is the most cost and time effective way to manage your software investment. For following years, a low annual fee provides you the peace of mind that comes with knowing we will be there to help you with software or technical questions when you need help. Because software updates are included with the software Platinum Support, your software will be the most advanced available in the industry. Our annual software support includes:

  1. Version upgrades and updates – you do not pay for any new versions of our software we release during your service period. Non-members will have to pay the entire licensing fee to upgrade to new versions of software products.
  2. Technical support via telephone and email.